Studios Sam

She fucked a coward and had a coward’s baby

Fuck the world – it’s shady like me

Hang a motherfucker called Spike Lee

with the strings of his Ni-Kes

Choke a grown man out under the dead moon’s light

This motherfucker cannot get up and fight


If this were anarchy I’d dress up to kill

Fuck the world – because it’s shady – like me


her name is gwendolyn

she has an ass

bigger than my face.

I’m an ass man –

I gravitate towards ass.

Shamelessly so – but

my preference is the face

I’m a face man

Everywhere I go Im the alpha

and omega male.

Writing as if

a certain someone is not watching

but she penetrates my mind regardless.

It will take more time to exclude her

from it.

New Start

Turning the page now, I’ll assume I’m free

to do that.

Every now and then my life receives a news flash.

I welcome it begrudgingly – at first

Happily with hindsight.

Who can claim they have their mind right?

It’s Jose Austen, lost in a series of losses

Some minor, some major

Music to my ears

Some in minor, some in major –

and I don’t know what that means.

I like a little glad gleam in the eyes

While confessing mad failures.

I used to chew gum, Bazooka

I’ll only rip the hookah if there’s weed in it

I know you have a standard

And I’m not too concerned with meeting it.

Self-restraint, I hesitate to do it

Heartbreak, I accrue it

Laffy Taffys, I never liked the banana one

I used to do a lot of things

I was once a kid, mad free

Now I make nearly nothing and lost souls in strange buildings want to tax me.

If I could rule the world, there would be nothing to rebel against

You could still go to church, but there’d be nothing to repent –

for.. .

Quality and quantity, an ideal

I conceive the world

as an amusement park

and here is my ferris –


Random 101

Furthest thing from an elitist

Once the moon is blue I turn into a defeatist.

But that is rare like catching a death stare.

I confront hostility with agility

Never trust civility.

I learned the value of trust just this year.

Imagine eyes seeing a plane crash into Navy Pier.

I wish that I had witnessed 9/11 – the event strikes me as surreal

Harbor a distaste for the norm – I gotta keep it real.

Imagine Charles Manson making out with Marylin Monroe

Imagine IDK standing for “I do know”

Wish I had stardom, but then I’d like to size it super

I’m not a happy camper

Me is more akin to pissed trooper.

Watching the world move in drags of motion slow

If I could walk on water, my feet would touch the ocean floor.(?)

I see now, realizing rapidly the obvious

What I want is to be made captain of it.

Self-discovery is rugged.

Like ridicule, I’m not against receiving it

And it makes no difference who’s perceiving it.

Like perception, people penetrate all the time their fellow man’s conceptions

Oh! and women’s too – what exactly is a world without equality?

We’re just a bunch of rats seeking wealth to spend on novelty.

Who can match wits with the artifice of an intelligence

Who can be the most honest? Which of us is least similar to artificial intelligence?

When I think AI, I first think of Allen Iverson

I used to wear And 1 attire

No brand on an outfit can help in lighting up the gym.

I just wondered: What if I had a twin?

What is a sin to an atheist? A crime against humanity.

Something, something,something,

something else and then insanity.

2/2 Final Message To Real HER

*To a grown woman who acts like a child.

I am not a real threat to your rep or well-being

Do you cast me a demon to conjure a pre-text

For stalking…{right now you are you sitting, standing, or walking} (which one?)

If in truth you have me pegged as harmless

Why put your pretty self through all this?

Do not fear me in the physical form, you’ve seen me in action

I do not deviate much from the norm, a quiet kid relaxing

So when you treat me like

I am everything I write

I do feel a certain way

This is a medium for expressions I would not usually convey

Your eyes were never meant to see this

Wait…has this site become your dirty little secret?

Maybe you have gotten used to this version of Jose…hmm

So you sit back and judge me from the comfort of your home

And base all your opinions on what I write when I’m alone

You obviously like me in some sort of fashion

The attention you pay me is indicative of passion.

You are either in a relationship with someone or no one

Either way I want you romantically

While you shift images frantically

I am almost amused but then I remember

Sadly, Time is your casualty.

There is no test to pass, with a teacher like you success is not possible

I wonder what percentage of the guys you dated had to clear this many obstacles

But wait! If I say I think I deserve a date you’ll be stoked to proclaim me entitled

“You don’t deserve shit, Jose,” as you head to church to hear what Jesus said in the Bible

Fair enough! But if you have no interest in me, I have no interest in you

So next time you’re bored at home please think of something better to do – like exercise!

*Better yet tell your significant other to entertain you.