her name is gwendolyn

she has an ass

bigger than my face.

I’m an ass man –

I gravitate towards ass.

Shamelessly so – but

my preference is the face

I’m a face man

Everywhere I go Im the alpha

and omega male.

Writing as if

a certain someone is not watching

but she penetrates my mind regardless.

It will take more time to exclude her

from it.

Random Pt. 23

Need that feedback, concede facts not opinions

The so-called human condition is malnourished – like poor people

Dispute the truth of you

Disown me, ME own you

This dame is the same, one of many dames

Her pushback dropped on my big toe a ton of pain

In bed with you I’m puzzling like tribulations from above

Sitting on the train next to an African American 90’s era thug

Orgasms, by self or in union, who would not want to have them?

I will surpass ’em, smash ’em and bash ’em with unabashed sarcasm

Against the grain, shave against the grain

Am I insane or going insane?

Give me an example of someone who’s sane

I’ll put them to shame


Fucking her like my life was on the line

Fucking her like she’s my final fuck

Fucking her like a gun’s being pointed at my fucking head

Fucking her like a drill in quicksand

Fucking her like I haven’t masturbated for two days

Fucking her like an animal fucks a shark

Fucking her like an incubus

Fucking her like my mission is to get her pregnant

Fucking her like having a seizure

Fucking her like I’m loving her

Fucking her like I hate the bitch

Fucking her like a madman

Fucking her like she’s god to me

Fucking her like I lust for her

Fucking her like a soul mate

Fucking her like she’s been wanting this

Fucking he


Never breed with a coward, that is a crime against humanity

Always kick a man when he’s down, if that man happens to be an enemy

Keep on you a trick or two, avoid capture like Pickachu

Don’t read into my motives; sometimes I don’t even know ’em

Always appeal to evolutionary psychology

It is on the money on most occasions.

Never listen to a radio station.

Play your own shit. Construct your own list.


I feel like spit in the ocean

A lone cell in a body, I feel like

Sense that I’m a mere spark in a fire pit

My life sucks – it really does

Will I ever be shown hate love?

“Jose, how are you getting on? Is something wrong?”

“Yes, the universe is wearing a thong.”

Strip it down to the bone, its bareback

Ride the storm with a white surfboard

Wise like Solomon

I rule like the Ottoman