He ducked death then ran home to burn his superiors

melted bosses’ blood in bowl of Frosted Flakes

mug contained coffee on some other shit

his chair collapsed when weight arose

stopwatch, wrist, eyes STARE at it

Ground game will sinkhole the masses for doubting Moses

Insulting thoughts unspoken but written – hidden ready

Spook the Spock ran fast like halos dashing

Spring in time to rain CONgrats – brats on mats wear hats while molested

Fuck have you invested?

Shut the door and let doom happen, clapping ass, cheeks on red

Holy HELL it happens earthly not divinely

Get hit by lighting on an island smiling

Sad blues are cherry reds disguised as faggots.

Choke the metal nigger burner till it kills a niggard streetly

Charismatic bombast put a body builder on BLAST

Shoot to heal, Simon said to mutes cooly

Typing hot, Soap Dish killed the Equator at Large

Belt swings on ass bare


Catch a tiny little bird in mid flight and bite its fucking HEAD OFF

Munch on it and then spit it out into the face of defeat

Blood sprays, the mist is light red

Emasculate her pretend man

Then fuck her in the ass like an elite savage

Her melancholy whimpers are jazz notes to my audio receptors 

Sit her on my lap, see I leave her no choice

Stuff my cock in her mouth to muffle her sweet voice

You can tell she wants it cause her pussy is wet like the front
I get shown very little love like a child molester 

“Mom! I think Jose killed the health inspector!!!”

Yeah I did 

I shot a kid in his upper and bottom lip

Like soccer I did it for the kicks 

I’m posessed by a blessing gone bad

Imagine the Prophet Mohammed getting raped by an ogre 

Imagine me getting killed by a retarded ass jihadist

I’d put one in his head to crucify his mind before he detonates 

Imagine the Prophet Mohammed left for dead in his own vomit

Getting away with it, going off into the sunset


Watching the universe from the corner 

of my eye and it’s cringe worthy.

I fell into a pit ill

Equipped but I’m expected still to rise.

Women come

As no surprise.

Exhaling angst in puffs of venom.

Flowing free with no concern.

The world turns like people’s backs on you.

Finding solace in seclusion

As always my illusions 

Illustrate a way 

to propel an upper class intrusion.

Left for dead in essence 

Voyeuristic types relish remote distress

Like 9/11 jumpers but in slow motion.

Feeling the earth 

Rotating as cycles of frivility progress.

Perverse is your stance and it hurts you real bad.

I guess I’m the new age savage in this brave new world

Cliche embodied

Judged prematurely like a 

Greed and vanity are blinding 

Like splash and dash of acid to the facial

How much can a single mind take?


I’m well

read like Old Spice.

How I like my ice?


If I am a demon, I must be an incubus

In elementary my computer teacher

his name was Mr. Habus.

He would make us do a ton

of boring stuff.

Some of the boys they’d

open another browser and look porno up.

Me I wasn’t born broke as fuck

but broke enough.

Telling a 9/11 passenger

not to board the plane

Boards anyway and flies into a flame.

Tick tock, tick tock

looking down at my thick cock.

Psychopathic with the grisly magic

Studios Sam

She fucked a coward and had a coward’s baby

Fuck the world – it’s shady like me

Hang a motherfucker called Spike Lee

with the strings of his Ni-Kes

Choke a grown man out under the dead moon’s light

This motherfucker cannot get up and fight


If this were anarchy I’d dress up to kill

Fuck the world – because it’s shady – like me