Random Pt. 24

Darting eyes look to and fro

Turned Goth from nights not slept

Fifty milligrams of melatonin

See you in the afternoon or late morning

Sleep has become akin to waiting

Fuel up on Zs and speed to resume racing

Finish line is anywhere at any given time

Muffler l

Vehicle is driven solely by the drips of time

Minding mine, one thought leading to the next

For some reason they connect but appear a random mess

I hit Tim when he tried to climb on the jungle gym

This is mere unrevised writing on a whim


Beauty is

in the eye of the Poke’ Ball…

I’m by myself


I stand like a comedian

Applaud myself

with blows to the back

Sit on my arm till it goes

and the hand’s owner I don’t know

So idle, these times…

The antics of boredom…

Then I’m told to go and I go

Prepared for combat

I love it

Alive again,

I was going mad

But no opponent

my master is