Catapulting Earth to Andromeda


Pronouncing thermometer as thermometa

Peeping Tom with a telescope

Watching sexy Martians fucking

Dreaming of nothing

Tossing and turning, screaming and burning


Woulda won

Scared of what you’ll become

Or of what you won’t

Aliens banned from visiting our planet

Why? You’d have to be human to understand it

New Start

Turning the page now, I’ll assume I’m free

to do that.

Every now and then my life receives a news flash.

I welcome it begrudgingly – at first

Happily with hindsight.

Who can claim they have their mind right?

It’s Jose Austen, lost in a series of losses

Some minor, some major

Music to my ears

Some in minor, some in major –

and I don’t know what that means.

I like a little glad gleam in the eyes

While confessing mad failures.

I used to chew gum, Bazooka

I’ll only rip the hookah if there’s weed in it

I know you have a standard

And I’m not too concerned with meeting it.

Self-restraint, I hesitate to do it

Heartbreak, I accrue it

Laffy Taffys, I never liked the banana one

I used to do a lot of things

I was once a kid, mad free

Now I make nearly nothing and lost souls in strange buildings want to tax me.

If I could rule the world, there would be nothing to rebel against

You could still go to church, but there’d be nothing to repent –

for.. .

Quality and quantity, an ideal

I conceive the world

as an amusement park

and here is my ferris –