A Day In The Life…

Put green plates behind me, chances are I’ll get tenser

Self-conscious with my moves: How would innocence act?

I know I’m guilty of something, they always find me with infractions

A crack on the windshield, doesn’t obstruct my view

But they tell I’m being let off the hook – just pay the other two.

“No prob officer, my riches are far from depleted

Wish I could pay these things twice! I know the city needs it!”

They tell me to have a good day and drive safe

All I can do is ruminate on my unlawfulness, my awfulness


Drinking coffee on this day of upmost grey

The red jay sinned against the blue cardinal

He fumbled the pen in his hand and caught it by the feather in the end.

Encyclopedia, commercial by Expedia, and the five pieces of Exodia

The heart ran home crying, and now that is where it is.

Analysis, dialysis, balance

Vision, superstition, leading tradition

Shame, explain, no tracks to that train

Feel like Kafka when he wrote Metamorphosis, I am Kafka.

Emphasis, separatist, recklessness

Nationality, hospitality, versatility of personality

Self-possessing, addressing, the nation

Metaphor, playing the Sega 4, got 1 game – rent some more!

Aesthetic, pathetic, will I triply regret it?

Poem, know ’em, throw ’em

Student, not prudent,

Half the country makes $30,000 a year – or less! Yes.

The gadgets made by man

I use

but don’t understand.

Random 101

Furthest thing from an elitist

Once the moon is blue I turn into a defeatist.

But that is rare like catching a death stare.

I confront hostility with agility

Never trust civility.

I learned the value of trust just this year.

Imagine eyes seeing a plane crash into Navy Pier.

I wish that I had witnessed 9/11 – the event strikes me as surreal

Harbor a distaste for the norm – I gotta keep it real.

Imagine Charles Manson making out with Marylin Monroe

Imagine IDK standing for “I do know”

Wish I had stardom, but then I’d like to size it super

I’m not a happy camper

Me is more akin to pissed trooper.

Watching the world move in drags of motion slow

If I could walk on water, my feet would touch the ocean floor.(?)

I see now, realizing rapidly the obvious

What I want is to be made captain of it.

Self-discovery is rugged.

Like ridicule, I’m not against receiving it

And it makes no difference who’s perceiving it.

Like perception, people penetrate all the time their fellow man’s conceptions

Oh! and women’s too – what exactly is a world without equality?

We’re just a bunch of rats seeking wealth to spend on novelty.

Who can match wits with the artifice of an intelligence

Who can be the most honest? Which of us is least similar to artificial intelligence?

When I think AI, I first think of Allen Iverson

I used to wear And 1 attire

No brand on an outfit can help in lighting up the gym.

I just wondered: What if I had a twin?

What is a sin to an atheist? A crime against humanity.

Something, something,something,

something else and then insanity.

Random Pt. 100

Passion, similar to passion I control emotions barely


Hand me the snake eyes and watch me roll dice.

Cave-dweller status, but with this new apparatus

This contraption incapacitates humanity.

While computer science and its knowledge is expanding

Some sit afar and wonder who’s commanding.

I think they’re called philosophers, they think thoughts forever.

I walk away from them upon departing

I say, “Whatever’s clever.”

I think I’m in love, in true love with spontaneity

Pull and say something off the wall

Observe my face and note the gaiety.

The guillotine, the guillotine, I always liked the way that word is spelled.

How can I be a hell raiser if heaven is hell?

And heaven’s in the sky, I think.

Once upon a time I visited a roller rink.

Skated clumsily and left

Vacated as if I sought refuge

Turned on the news and witnessed more non-news.