Drinking coffee on this day of upmost grey

The red jay sinned against the blue cardinal

He fumbled the pen in his hand and caught it by the feather in the end.

Encyclopedia, commercial by Expedia, and the five pieces of Exodia

The heart ran home crying, and now that is where it is.

Analysis, dialysis, balance

Vision, superstition, leading tradition

Shame, explain, no tracks to that train

Feel like Kafka when he wrote Metamorphosis, I am Kafka.

Emphasis, separatist, recklessness

Nationality, hospitality, versatility of personality

Self-possessing, addressing, the nation

Metaphor, playing the Sega 4, got 1 game – rent some more!

Aesthetic, pathetic, will I triply regret it?

Poem, know ’em, throw ’em

Student, not prudent,

Half the country makes $30,000 a year – or less! Yes.

The gadgets made by man

I use

but don’t understand.

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