Watching the universe from the corner 

of my eye and it’s cringe worthy.

I fell into a pit ill

Equipped but I’m expected still to rise.

Women come

As no surprise.

Exhaling angst in puffs of venom.

Flowing free with no concern.

The world turns like people’s backs on you.

Finding solace in seclusion

As always my illusions 

Illustrate a way 

to propel an upper class intrusion.

Left for dead in essence 

Voyeuristic types relish remote distress

Like 9/11 jumpers but in slow motion.

Feeling the earth 

Rotating as cycles of frivility progress.

Perverse is your stance and it hurts you real bad.

I guess I’m the new age savage in this brave new world

Cliche embodied

Judged prematurely like a 

Greed and vanity are blinding 

Like splash and dash of acid to the facial

How much can a single mind take?

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