Random 101

Furthest thing from an elitist

Once the moon is blue I turn into a defeatist.

But that is rare like catching a death stare.

I confront hostility with agility

Never trust civility.

I learned the value of trust just this year.

Imagine eyes seeing a plane crash into Navy Pier.

I wish that I had witnessed 9/11 – the event strikes me as surreal

Harbor a distaste for the norm – I gotta keep it real.

Imagine Charles Manson making out with Marylin Monroe

Imagine IDK standing for “I do know”

Wish I had stardom, but then I’d like to size it super

I’m not a happy camper

Me is more akin to pissed trooper.

Watching the world move in drags of motion slow

If I could walk on water, my feet would touch the ocean floor.(?)

I see now, realizing rapidly the obvious

What I want is to be made captain of it.

Self-discovery is rugged.

Like ridicule, I’m not against receiving it

And it makes no difference who’s perceiving it.

Like perception, people penetrate all the time their fellow man’s conceptions

Oh! and women’s too – what exactly is a world without equality?

We’re just a bunch of rats seeking wealth to spend on novelty.

Who can match wits with the artifice of an intelligence

Who can be the most honest? Which of us is least similar to artificial intelligence?

When I think AI, I first think of Allen Iverson

I used to wear And 1 attire

No brand on an outfit can help in lighting up the gym.

I just wondered: What if I had a twin?

What is a sin to an atheist? A crime against humanity.

Something, something,something,

something else and then insanity.

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