Catch a tiny little bird in mid flight and bite its fucking HEAD OFF

Munch on it and then spit it out into the face of defeat

Blood sprays, the mist is light red

Emasculate her pretend man

Then fuck her in the ass like an elite savage

Her melancholy whimpers are jazz notes to my audio receptors 

Sit her on my lap, see I leave her no choice

Stuff my cock in her mouth to muffle her sweet voice

You can tell she wants it cause her pussy is wet like the front
I get shown very little love like a child molester 

“Mom! I think Jose killed the health inspector!!!”

Yeah I did 

I shot a kid in his upper and bottom lip

Like soccer I did it for the kicks 

I’m posessed by a blessing gone bad

Imagine the Prophet Mohammed getting raped by an ogre 

Imagine me getting killed by a retarded ass jihadist

I’d put one in his head to crucify his mind before he detonates 

Imagine the Prophet Mohammed left for dead in his own vomit

Getting away with it, going off into the sunset

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