New Start

Turning the page now, I’ll assume I’m free

to do that.

Every now and then my life receives a news flash.

I welcome it begrudgingly – at first

Happily with hindsight.

Who can claim they have their mind right?

It’s Jose Austen, lost in a series of losses

Some minor, some major

Music to my ears

Some in minor, some in major –

and I don’t know what that means.

I like a little glad gleam in the eyes

While confessing mad failures.

I used to chew gum, Bazooka

I’ll only rip the hookah if there’s weed in it

I know you have a standard

And I’m not too concerned with meeting it.

Self-restraint, I hesitate to do it

Heartbreak, I accrue it

Laffy Taffys, I never liked the banana one

I used to do a lot of things

I was once a kid, mad free

Now I make nearly nothing and lost souls in strange buildings want to tax me.

If I could rule the world, there would be nothing to rebel against

You could still go to church, but there’d be nothing to repent –

for.. .

Quality and quantity, an ideal

I conceive the world

as an amusement park

and here is my ferris –


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