He ducked death then ran home to burn his superiors

melted bosses’ blood in bowl of Frosted Flakes

mug contained coffee on some other shit

his chair collapsed when weight arose

stopwatch, wrist, eyes STARE at it

Ground game will sinkhole the masses for doubting Moses

Insulting thoughts unspoken but written – hidden ready

Spook the Spock ran fast like halos dashing

Spring in time to rain CONgrats – brats on mats wear hats while molested

Fuck have you invested?

Shut the door and let doom happen, clapping ass, cheeks on red

Holy HELL it happens earthly not divinely

Get hit by lighting on an island smiling

Sad blues are cherry reds disguised as faggots.

Choke the metal nigger burner till it kills a niggard streetly

Charismatic bombast put a body builder on BLAST

Shoot to heal, Simon said to mutes cooly

Typing hot, Soap Dish killed the Equator at Large

Belt swings on ass bare

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