2/2 Final Message To Real HER

*To a grown woman who acts like a child.

I am not a real threat to your rep or well-being

Do you cast me a demon to conjure a pre-text

For stalking…{right now you are you sitting, standing, or walking} (which one?)

If in truth you have me pegged as harmless

Why put your pretty self through all this?

Do not fear me in the physical form, you’ve seen me in action

I do not deviate much from the norm, a quiet kid relaxing

So when you treat me like

I am everything I write

I do feel a certain way

This is a medium for expressions I would not usually convey

Your eyes were never meant to see this

Wait…has this site become your dirty little secret?

Maybe you have gotten used to this version of Jose…hmm

So you sit back and judge me from the comfort of your home

And base all your opinions on what I write when I’m alone

You obviously like me in some sort of fashion

The attention you pay me is indicative of passion.

You are either in a relationship with someone or no one

Either way I want you romantically

While you shift images frantically

I am almost amused but then I remember

Sadly, Time is your casualty.

There is no test to pass, with a teacher like you success is not possible

I wonder what percentage of the guys you dated had to clear this many obstacles

But wait! If I say I think I deserve a date you’ll be stoked to proclaim me entitled

“You don’t deserve shit, Jose,” as you head to church to hear what Jesus said in the Bible

Fair enough! But if you have no interest in me, I have no interest in you

So next time you’re bored at home please think of something better to do – like exercise!

*Better yet tell your significant other to entertain you.

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