I am the Lord with an awesome sword I swing one time to end a war

“Fuck the poor!” I’m Jesus Christ

Nice with dice, with dice I’m nice

Walk by and spit in your rice – I’m Jesus Christ 

Catch me in a middle of a heist hitting cops in the head with a little pipe 

Swerving out the way of vermin. Eww a servant – I’m Jesus Christ 

The time is right to start a plight 

I fingered her with a stock of dynamite 

Because I can – I’m Jesus Christ 

Cheating life, eating ripe, and not a demon in eight

I fucked a wife and she became a cheating wife – She will be Mrs. CHRIST 

I’m screaming into a Mic

“Hello everyone! I’m Jesus Christ”

But for him, it was a speechless night 

Strolling Holy past a church 

I never trust a pastor’s word 

Half alert under some shade 

I woke up to the sight of a live grenade 

Someone said: “You were Jesus Christ”

Skin wore crucifix 

“I just came by to shoot the shit”

“You have to like me – I’m Jesus Christ.”

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