Faith Vs. Faith

She is kind of chunky

amongst the older monkeys.

Financially, it seems she is liberated

Sadly, she has been indoctrinated

The chains in her mind needlessly inhibit facets of her life

She nicknamed “Sacred” these shackles

Never would she smoke tobacco – they harm the lungs

But the mind, harm may come to it, no scripture is at fault

Money is her kingdom here so she stored away some cash

and locked herself inside a vault.

Sitting there humming songs awaiting death so Jesus takes her

Runs out of air, dies right in there, and did Jesus come and take her?

No, she slipped back into Nothingness, you know, that unremembered “realm”

you “inhabited” before mom and dad decided to get it on

Blackness, baby. Your whole life was a dedication, meaningless veneration

Unnecessary trials & tribulations, guilt and agitation – all for

Nothing more than a god existing as a unique conception

in your spaceless mind, when the brain died – lost connection

But you will never know how wrong you are slated to be

Because you will fade into Nothing – so you shall save face

What trickery?

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