Time Flies Loud

The quote, I am quoting DNA

Pointing a pistol at the head of a sensei

Will he kick it like karate out the hand?

I yearn to keep a bigger distance from the mainland.

Have you ever looked up the place you live on Google Maps?

Have you ever taken too much of one drug

Before being consumed by the thought of “heart attack?”

I really liked the first Men In Black

Yes, I too am a fan of Will Smith, not the person but the actor

If a female ever smacked you, a male, would you smack her?

Do you think, like me, that in the future you will become a factor?

Or at least a bigger factor then you are currently?

I enjoy thinking hurriedly – then slowly

then hurriedly again, with a fervent flow of conscious

If I step away it’s because I feel I’m on the cusp of coming ‘cross obnoxious.

At what age did you first feel boxed in?

Check the locks again; sometimes they leave ’em open.

What would we be doing?

if we weren’t hoping

The luck of the draw, that is what we owe our lives to

Are your habits of thinking determined

like your height being five-two?

I am asking only – in fact,

I am only asking

Ever drive a car and think:

What if I just crashed it?

What’s stopping me,


The notion called happy

Folks around the globe find it relaxing.

I see them and see you and conclude I’m no better or worse

I believe strongly

that I am not alone in thinking this perverse.

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