A single ache in the head, couple aches in the heart

Would it all go away

in correlation with the filling of a shopping cart?

Let us all read “How to Lie With Statistics”

Try to imagine a materialistic mystic.

I hate pointing fingers, I must admit shame when I do it

The best I can promise is: I’ll try not to be stupid

Or act stupid.

Is there a difference, really?

If I could regress in terms of time

I’d be on a Mongoose popping wheelies.

Like suffering a stomach ache you’re trying to find a cause: “what was it I ate?”

Seeking causality, our species and its prime commonality.

How should you proceed

when bored to tears by reality?

Weather the storm, wait, wait, wait…something exciting’s gonna happen –


I’ve been escaping mentally since elementary

Looking away from the chalkboard to the window

while musing on whatever – any image

it was meant to be.

Even now, not on Christmas, but at present

I’m sitting on my bed, on the edge to be specific

realizing all those years in school, all the lessons that were given

were actually for nothing

I remember zilch

and that is part of the tradition!

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