A Family Reunion Gone Awry

My words ring true in various phonological loops

Girls I talk to remark I’m cute


A single remark delivered from the core of a black heart

in the middle of a serene gathering tears the foundation of a family apart.

The eardrums resist the frequency it’s getting, they try to distort it

But the signal is construed in the way intended – to leave personalities broken

The more sensitive members cry first in embarrassed silence

The rest hang their head and absorb the shock and disparagement delivered haughtily

The man who spoke the words looks around with a face that says no guilt will bother me

He even seems impatient. The family members avoid eye contact

The mean man revs up more bombast

But no nuclear bomb could injure an area already annihilated by nuke or two.

The young man whose the mean man’s words were directed to leaned on a chair

His face came back up, squeezed in his mom’s palms, “Everything will be alright, Despair.”

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