Back with a random arrangement

of words meshed madly with grace.

Pounding the keyboard apishly

balled fists bang tenaciously.

Smirk the smile of a hyena.

A brain taped to a rocket.

Now my cranium…

is simply a socket.

Trek to a city named Moment,

the capital of Present.

Medicating the Self back

to a superb state of heath.

No doc was ever wiser with the wisdom.

Give me 30 minutes. A radical refinement.

You can witness me anew.

A screeching halt

cured by hands that catapult

a little thing that packs

a punch that knock the wind

out of mountains when they wheeze a

whistle one can wake to, feel the jingle

feel the breeze of.

heI relax and type again.

Unfurling hands rip

the nails out of hardened skin.

Using fingers – a dazzling agility.


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