Random Pt. 26

Invest in a swingset and charge a kid a dollar per swing

Gather all around this strip of paper and bow down

to this specific Dollar – our king.

If you break a glass you get the broom and sweep

Using a blonde babe’s perfect bottom as drums to make music

All night she got her ass beat.

Who in a state of sanity

would set a time machine to Present?

The mind is like a time machine,

isn’t it?

Old Spice, now I smell nice

Smoked a cig, now I smell bad

Nature meets Magic, to the Sun I am a lampshade

I will show you I can handshake with a landscape

Observations, observing people react

to certain words and their connotations.

It is entertaining – the act!

Reading a book, but not picking up the content, why engage in self-deception?

Come back later and read every page so lucid, making my former self look stupid

My mood, oh my god it is stable, certain people instead of blowing me, blow things trifle – out of proportion

Imagine an embryo, however old, committing self-abortion – that would be a story

Yes, once I pass go I get gory,

Curious people morph into flies and spy

from a well-hidden spot in my tiny laboratory.

Absent is the glassware, I tap the board and call it chemistry

Sometimes I feel like pure energy – can energy be pure?

I am not hungry but I must consume nutrients – guess I’ll drink Ensure

People think it is humorous, efforts unrewarded

I cannot complain, as long as I do not have to deal with some more shit

But I write thoughts fresh, feelings promptly get inscribed

That way I won’t forget how disparate my reactions were outside versus. inside.

A movie about a virus

that infects the whole planet and a week after infection exploded the human iris

And no vaccine is imminent, hope maybe floats unfound in a specific individual

If he dies hope too dies, but when the potential savior dies we’ll never know it, so that ignorance keeps at bay a reality that actually is hopeless

A song about poverty in the so-called middle class

People starving to the point they break mirrors to eat the glass

I keep going and I’m never really knowing when I’m stopping

I do not like it when people drop in – unannounced

If I don’t feel like talking I hide in my room and when they leave is when I come out

I am that type of individual

When I socialize I always seem to walk away with others’ emotional residuals

Some people ask me where I’ve been at

I hate answering that question

So I subvert that person’s confidence with a remark meant to turn a stance offensive more defensive

I’ve mostly been at home, typing like I can’t believe I could be an author

I’m my biggest fan, if I was a major publisher, I’d make myself a humongous offer

Then I would resist it so my advance carries with it an extra digit

I would spend it on a cabin and live there literally forever

I am immortal hence why I’ll live forever

Whatever is clever. Get the screwdriver from the garage and stab it through your ear

Say to the handle, listen here:

“Don’t take it out until all the loose screws are tightened”

I once played starting quarterback for the 2008 Tenessee Titans. I won four games thought I played in eight of them

If you had a gun how many unarmed guys would it take to be afraid of them

Kill an ant with a drone strike, show me that precision

Follow me now and I’ll make the first five of you leaders in my new religion

A lap dance given by an angel to an extremely rugged madman

A villain so villainous his place of birth changed it’s name officially to “Badlands”

These boxers are Puma, what if I was a puma?

Could a nuclear warhead strike the Luna?

In North Korea misery begs for quick annihilation

Workers in the labor camps cheer when the Dear Leader attempts a new US provocation

I played Crash on PlayStation

And Zelda for the 64, it took a while for me to like it

I used to be a biker, thinking of places I “need” to be just so I could bike it

I don’t tell many people this but I think that I’m a psychic

The Psychology of Me, one day I’ll teach it and reach pupils in a packed colosseum

I approach you with an anemic wave and a “hey” and that’s my version of a DM

I am awake in the AM, awake in the PM

If I had a babymomma I would never call her BM

I’ll likely use her government

You are no masochist…

if you burn in hell for silly sins and aren’t loving it

Locked doors imply privacy, what is it you hide from me?

Each day I wake up I am extending my Dynasty

The news grows more heterogenous, each station grabs the globe and spins it at a different angle and velocity

At times I am possessive like the embodiment of an apostrophe

I never finished a true game of Monopoly

But in Scrabble I’m the champ. I should join a competition

My victories would be predetermined due to superb word bank plus I have volition

I am winding down now. I’m located in a place called Chicago but I used to call it Chi-town

Graffitti in my alley brought to us by a tagger named Tie Clown

I just made that up but who these days is sure they can discern fact from fiction

Imagine a parrot speaking words with more conviction than its owner

Imagine going through puberty and in middle of class you pop a boner

Imagine a young man who is an extroverted loner

Imagine a guy trying to smoke a real rock because he thought that’s what people meant by stoner

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