Dark Magician

Similar to abra I cadabra

The night is cool, it mimics how I play it

I can make a list of former sex partners

And display it

How else can I convey it?

When I falter I just alter 

And go completely renegade.

I’m the one who can add natural

sugar to your lemondade.

New lows & dark depths
I arrived at my own funeral with a poem only you would know

I crashed into Jesus on my block and he forgave me on the spot

I dreamed I shared some sentiments 

Woke up wondering if they were venomous 

I have done a ton of smart shit bordering on some Descartes shit

I pushed my editor off a cliff then jumped off of it myself

I thought that I was Samson and the girl, she was my gel

I summarized my life

And it continues to be written 

I gave someone my advice 

And what I said…

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