My Immediate Surroundings

Crystal Geyser water

Doublemint gum

Speed Stick – fresh deodorant

Visa debit card – going hard (Expiration? 10/21. Will I outlive it or outspend it first? Which is more likely?)

Anew – advanced performance creme

USB cord – black

10mg methylphenidate – aka Ritalin

Maeng Da, Kratom – 100 grams powder

Driver’s license – Crucial! My livelihood

Xbox one controller – green/black and of course the console

Newports – basic necessity

Motorola phone

A blue used razor – cheap kind (dollar store)

Cornstarch baby powder, put some in my boxers (fresh)

Xcess Styling Gel – sports hold, level 10, baby

Yellow/black pen – from Marquette Bank, and no I don’t bank there

Carmex, classic lip balm

Samsung laptop, MacBook Pro – both silver

Lasko – space heater

Venom (a drink promising energy) Fruit Punch

Library card – I go hard

Colgate toothbrush, relatively new

A book called Normal I took out randomly for my bro or sis to read (for sure it’s overdue) Author? Warren Ellis

A Samsung TV – ?? inches (forgot exact number) but best believe it packs plenty real estate for pixels

So as I see all this shit around me

I notice that it fails to astound me

And I begin to take stock of shit I did not list/but in my room indeed exists

I call this The Immediate Surroundings Experiment 








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